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Finance Digital Transformation: TD

Retail Store Sales Analysis: GBV

Agile & Actionable  Reporting 

Data Insight, Business Intelligence, KPI Management:


Advanced Analytics, Anywhere, Anytime 


Finance & Strategy Solutions

Our Story

Founded by Cedric Canu, an international global finance and strategy leader.  Cedric is credited with multiple successful projects.  

Our Vision

Empower the best in your employees. Enable the delegation of responsibility by providing the tools and resources needed.



Technology should be in the background supporting and helping the decision-making process.

Who are we

Sustainable Growth

Finance Drives Growth

The Finance function can drive growth beyond the Capital Investment Analysis and OPEX saving.


The dewpoint consultants develop sustainable, efficient reporting processes and systems.


The result is the Finance function can drive the business decision and drive revenue growth.


Difficult Decisions

A business model can drive sustainable growth and success. The same model can overtime limit and even destroy future value and growth.


The team at dewpoint brings breakthrough strategies, execution capabilities, and capital.

How it works
Financial Post

"The Project is credited as a key transformation success" Sears Canada CEO 

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